Fixture Amber Storm - François Gassin's Interview



General Director of Valentin Thièrion

Still poorly known, the "taste of light" is a defect that can alter sensitive wines, such as champagnes. Valentin Thièrion brings solutions, from disgorging to bottling, and has decided to complete its service offer dedicated to cellar managers and their teams through LED solutions to avoid the development of this organoleptic defect. Illustration of a complementarity that quickly bore fruit!

How did you come up with the idea of ​​developing an amber LED solution in partnership with Thomas Watt Lighting Pro?

The Champagne houses that we accompany on the disgorging part were our main sources of inspiration. It is the proximity we have with them that has identified this need. Secondly, the quality of the information provided by the Thomas Watt teams was then decisive for enhancing our technical possibilities to limit the impact of light on the taste of wine.

And then we quickly realized that we had common customers. Combining our offers allowed us to deliver more benefits to our customers. This involves exchange and human contact.

When did you start this process and what are the benefits?

Thomas Watt was integrated in June 2017, and we started our first steps in July. Our design offices are complementary and both work around industrial excellence. Each at his level values ​​the activity of the other. It is stimulating and it reflects our commitment within the French Fab movement: value skills, trades, profiles 100% made in France! Moreover, Valentin Thièrion is a recognized company with champagne houses, it allowed us to meet captive customers very quickly. And then, working together allows us to pool the skills of our teams and our tools. Two brains are better than one!

 To date, what are the results already obtained?

We have first orders specific LED lighting for champagne cellars! Added to this is a new qualification issued by the Interprofessional Committee of Champagne Wine (CIVC) which reinforces our credibility and our advantages delivered to different houses.

francois gassin

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