Engineering Office - Teddy Maquiaba's Interview



Technical Engineer at the Thomas Watt Lighting Pro Engineering Office

Holder of several licenses notably at the university Rennes 1 in electrotechnics and industrial lighting, he began his professional career within a leading actor of industrial lighting and discovered the rigors of industry and the associated services. Also expert of Smart Lighting, Teddy had the opportunity to put into practice his skills in the sizing and the launching of connected lighting solutions.

What is a lighting study ?

A lighting study is an essential phase in the designand executing of a light project whether it be for the renovation or construction of a new building or space. This involves gathering all of the customer needs and proposing an optimal solution.

What are Thomas Watt Lighting Pro design department’s areas of expertise?

Our areas of expertise are the industrial and tertiary sectors. For the past 6 years we have been focused on meeting the demands of these two sectors which require a specific and precise expertise.

Who are your main contacts ?

Our main contacts are facility managers, project leaders, account managers and technical support manager rather than architects.

What are the main phases of a project design ?

The lighting project process is the following : visit and audit by Thomas Watt Lighting Pro sales representative of site in question to identify customer needs.

The sales representative creates a file on the drive with all input elements then he sends all of the collected data to the design firm, including the specifications as well as the customer’s contact details to request further information if necessary.

Use of Computer Aided Design (CAD) to carry out a lighting study which will be accompagnied by a presentation of the project.

Information is then sent to a sales representative who uses it to come up with an estimate. The file is then sent to the customer with the contact details of the engineer in charge of the project.

If necessary, the customer can contact the Thomas Watt Lighting Pro project manager for more specific technical assistance.

The project is under review, awaiting customer validation.

What software do you work with ?

In the the Thomas Watt Lighting Pro Engineering Office, we use the following software: Dialux (simulation), Autocad (DWG) and Acrobat Professional.

What is your innovation and quality control process for new products ?

Our innovation process is based on the information provided by former customers. Working from already installed products gives us an insight into possible changes we can make to our products in the long term.

Quality control passes through a service company which offers inspection services, auditing, testing and analysis. Their main activities include certification, conformity assessment, training, and council. We send a request to define our new products based on obtained results and finally launch the manufacture of ready to market products.

We are constantly innovating : we must stay on top of the latest LED developments so that our products remain up to date. All new options are immediately tested via an external certification body which, in turn, validates new product features.

What do you think are the main benefits of Thomas Watt Lighting Pro solutions?

We offer our customers made in France lighting solutions. All of our Thomas Watt Lighting Pro products are assembled in western France by an assembler who employs people with disabilities. Over the past few years, Thomas Watt Lighting Pro has been working to propose high quality products with range flexibility to really address specific market issues.


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