Connected Solutions

Our connected solutions : Take control

Responsible energy use, visual comfort, longevity.. with Thomas Watt Lighting Pro's connected luminaires, you will gain in efficiency. You can achieve up to 75% energy savings and control your consumption in all simplicity.

Connected LEDs : Imagine the future now 

With our imbedded chip in your lighting system, we can create an Internet of Things (IoT), linking your environment and allowing you to adjust it to your needs.

You can save up to 75% on your energy bill by choosing between different parameters. You can control your luminosity according to presence or ambient light, your temperature, surveillance or air purity. You will have complete control over your environment thanks to lighting presets defined by our R&D team that you can control remotely.

Economical and intelligent luminaires

Thomas Watt Lighting Pro's connected luminaires are certified Label R2S (Ready2Services by the Smart Buildings Alliance).

A concrete example? Thomas Watt Lighting Pro installed 354 connected luminaires with radio protocol on a Nexans industrial site. The addition of 20 presence and luminosity detectors added an additional 20-25% energy savings.

Our guarantees : providing a service

All our luminaires are selected with care by your teams and guaranteed for their quality and life duration of 7-10 years. A periodic inspection of your lighting by one of our electric engineers is performed every 2 years.

Need advice? Our team is ready to perform a photometric study with a 3D reconstruction of your factory.

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