Our Creations


Thomas Watt Lighting Pro accompanies professionals throughout each stage of their projects in the detailed analyze of their needs and execution of photometric studies. With the technologies developed by Thomas Watt Lighting Pro we hope to accompany our clients in the era of the industry 4.0 and Smart Building.

Our objective is to propose smart and innovating luminaires : connected LEDs, LiFi, dynamic presence detection and tracking, etc. through our product range.

Thomas Watt Industry : Suited for complex spaces, durable lighting, energy saving and performing luminairesthat guarantee visual comfort levels and maximum efficiency.

Thomas Watt Office : Suited to all types of ceilings (medical facilities, public buildings, offices, schools, commercial areas, etc.),LED panel lights, plain and design lighting solutions, economical, efficient and customizable.

With Thomas Watt, the group LES MANUFACTURES FEVRIER further reinforces its identity around :
innovation and energy efficiency in B2B.

Our Goal:  democratize the access to LED luminaires in industry in the same way GEO PLC, our energy experts,did for individual during the operation MES AMPOULES GRATUITES

"We offer a guarantee on the life span of our LED panel lights thanks to electronic innovation that you will not find among the majority of assemblers"

Christophe Février, President of Thomas Watt Lighting Pro – Les Manufactures Février

Our Mission


Specialized the professional LED lighting solutions, Thomas Watt Lighting Pro analyzes, imagines and produces the best lighting solutions for professionals.
Our professional LED solutions are specially designed for offices and industries, combining visual comfort, modularity, design, durability and energy performance.
Always searching for new innovations and performance, Thomas Watt's products are designed in strict compliance with existing lighting norms.
Thomas Watt Lighting Pro's LED Luminaires are Made in France and guaranteed 7 years.

We help professionals and industrials to boost their productivity, reduce their maintenance expenses and energy consumption thanks to:

- Solutions for the optimization of energy consumption with high performance LEDs
- Solutions for connected lighting networks: Digital Lighting and Smart Lighting.
- Solutions for remote controlled intelligent lighting.
- Management tools compatible with building management systems. 

Smart Buildings


With smart building solutions,increased connectivity equals increased comfort, but not only. We also offer innovating solutions related to durable development
that allow you to reduce energy expenditures from your offices and industries up to 80%. All this in addition to the design of more ecological and economic LED luminaires.

A bright vision for the future

Thanks to recent technological innovations such as sensors that can direct energy distribution, manage objects over defined areas, monitor air quality, etc.
la mesure de la qualité de l'air, ou encore la transmission d'informations… Our connected luminaires, with integrated AI,
allow us to provide Smart Lighting services, such as dynamic counting, tracking the flow of persons,
or improve visual comfort based on environmental criteria.

Thomas Watt also explores the potential of LiFi, a recent innovation, that uses light to transmit data onto your devices. 
Design, comfort, durability and energy performance are the focus of Thomas Watt Lighting Pro, from conception to installation. We will accompany throughout every stage of your lighting project so that the buildings of tomorrow are intelligent, connected, and ecological.

Our Guarantees


Since 2012, we design and commercialize LED luminaires made in France with our integrated R&D office.

- Optimal energy performance (Energy performance contracts as option)
- We assure lighting levels for the duration of our warrantee 
- Suitable for all heights and environments
- Emphasis on visual comfort
- Superior quality product. 60 300 h, 7 years - up to 10 years
- Made in France
- Social and solidarity economy
- Rigorous sourcing practices
- Economical solutions
- UGR tested
- Durable
- Airtight
- Modular

Our Core Values


Commitment to a job well done, to the creation of quality products, and 100% traceable components.
Involvement in the service of society, the environment and persons with disabilities.
Esthétique dans le développement de nos produits adaptés aux différents univers de nos clients.
Engagement responsable et sociétal au service de l’environnement et des personnes en situation de handicap.

Ethics of our team, their professional comportment and integrity in business. Aesthetics in the development of our products, specially adapted to the environment of each client
Our products are assembled in France's most recognized sheltered workshop in Brittany, allowing individuals
with disabilities to participate in professional activity in an environment adapted to their needs.

Thomas Watt Production


Composed of a small team of engineers, Thomas Watt Lighting Pro is a cutting edge company, reactive, and attentive to our clients' every need.

We develop high-tech lighting solutions, custom and standard, combining design and comfort.
These solutions are conceptualized in Brittany, France.

According to your needs we provide: Energy efficiency and optimization studies, design or personalization,
visual comfort or high-tech (data, LiFi) solutions. Ask us to accompany you!